cram «kram», verb, crammed, cram|ming, noun.
1. to force into; force down; stuff: »

He crammed as many candy bars into his pockets as they would hold. I crammed all my clothes quickly into the bag.

SYNONYM(S): ram.
2. to fill too full; crowd: »

The hall was crammed, with many people standing.

SYNONYM(S): pack.
3. a) to eat too fast or too much of: »

He felt ill after he had crammed down his lunch.

SYNONYM(S): stuff. b) to fill with too much food: »

the little garden where I was crammed with gooseberries (Scott).

SYNONYM(S): gorge. c) to fatten (poultry or other domestic animals) by overfeeding.
4. Informal, Figurative. to stuff with knowledge or information.
5. Informal, Figurative. to learn hurriedly: »

He is cramming facts and dates for his history examination.

6. Slang, Figurative. to tell lies or exaggerated stories to.
1. to eat too fast or too much.
2. Informal, Figurative. to try to learn too much in a short time: »

As he hasn't studied very hard during the year, he has to cram for his final tests.

–n. Informal.
1. a crammed or crowded condition; crush: »

It was a prodigious cram, and we turned away no end of people (Dickens).

2. Figurative. the act of cramming a subject, especially in preparation for an examination.
3. Figurative. information acquired by cramming.
[Old English crammian < crimman to insert]
cram´mer, noun.

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